How to Create Blog On Blogger| 1000$ Per Month Earn Money Through Blogger

Create Blog On Blogger - You can also easily 1500$ earn money through blogger and easily create a blog on blogger. Blogger is such a platform that you can create such a blog without investing and convert your passion into online earnings.

How to Create Blog On Blogger| 1000$ Per Month Earn Money Through Blogger

                          How To Create Blog On Blogger

Hello, Friend's How to create your own blog by using  Blogger, and not you need hosting to create a blog in Blogger nor do you have any kind of Html coding. All things in Blogger are free if you want to create your blog. In the blogger, you can also create your own small website. Blogger is a Google product.

You do not even need to buy a domain for blogging in Blogger. To create a blog in Blogger, you do not need to do a little bit of investment. The blogger also provides a free domain. you can choose a sub-domain with as an extension which is completely free. After you can purchase the domain(.com .in .org .edu .me) of your choice cheap price. The blog is hosted itself by Google.

                                    Easy step to create the blog on blogger



click on the create your blog button.


Sign in to your google email and password.


After signing in from Google, it will redirect you to Blogger and tell you to do complete your profile and say the profile will be named in your blog. After compiling the profile, click on the Blogger


After clicking on the blogger button, you will be redirected to the page, where you will be asked to create a new blog.


Now a window will open, and choose the title of your blog and after select, the domain name your website and after selecting the good theme for your blog, click the create blog button.


After pressing the Create Blog button, your blog will be compiled and you will be able to view your blog by viewing the blog. You will now have to write a post for your blog. If you click on Create New Post, a new window will open where you can post and publish it.

In this way, after creating a successful blog, now you can see your blog, go to the View Blog. now it’s time to customize your blog!

You will now see different sections in your blog (Status, Earning, Themes, Layout, Pages, Settings). You will see different sections.

Status - Go to status and you can see an overview of your blog.

Pages - Go to the page, you can create different difference pages such as about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy.

Layout- a layout is the heart of the blog. With the help of layout, your blog can be completely customized.


Settings- You can set your blog's related summary in settings.

In this way, you can ready your blog and edit your settings by going to Layout and Settings, you will be able to create a good blog. I hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to create a good blog and link your blog to Google Adsense account and convert your passion into online earnings and do monthly earn good revenue.

I hope you easily understand  How to Create Blog On Blogger| 1000$ Per Month Earn Money Through Blogger.


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