How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit - Step By Step

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy - Godaddy is one of the world's top hosting companies and offers all types of hosting and domains to introduce users like you and me. Whenever you want to start or even start your online business, you need to know that you are well aware of this and have already made plans for it. If you are in the blogging field or want to create an online website, then you need a good domain name and hosting for it. These two things are the most important thing for your company and your blog that you can never ignore. In today's post, we will talk about how you can buy Godaddy hosting and make a good start for yourself.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

If you are shopping for the first time then I'm sure there will be some questions in your mind. In this article, I will share with you step by step guide to buy hosting from Godaddy. Godaddy is one of the popular hosting companies that offer you good hosting at a lower price. This provides you with the hosting of different types, from which you can choose anyone. GoDaddy is a very good platform for any new blogger who wants to be a carrier in blogging.

If you are new then I will recommend to you that you buy a hosting or domain from Godaddy because it is a good platform for a new creator.

Godaddy offers free domain name on some hosting plans.

If you want to take the most out of your hosting purchase, then I will advise you to buy a hosting for a long time.

If you are using WordPress (it runs 22% of the world's websites), then you need to buy WordPress hosting powered by Godaddy. If your platform is not WordPress, you can purchase a general hosting package from Godaddy.

You also need to choose a package based on your hosting requirement. For example, the Starter hosting package is good for a site. And Basic WordPress hosting package is good for a WordPress site.

If you have answered these two questions and have decided what you need to buy a hosting package, then go ahead and follow this tutorial to buy your first web hosting from Godaddy.

In my case, I only had to host a website (which you are currently reading), so I chose her Basic WordPress hosting package. Its cost is only Rs.99 / month, which is one of the cheapest hosting packages I can buy at this price.

In this, I will tell you how to buy WordPress hosting.

Let me clear you before that Wordpress hosting is of two types.

Managed WordPress hosting: If you choose to host WordPress hosting then you already get WordPress installed in it. Your website runs fast from this hosting if you compare it with web hosting.

But there is also its disadvantages. Managed WordPress hosting does not get bigger function as to compare to web hosting. Limited visitors are allowed to visit your website.

If you talk about web hosting then

Web Hosting: In web hosting you get cpanel, you can go there and install WordPress. It gets a bigger function. So that you can do your website and manage.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy:

Step 1:

First, you open the website of GoDaddy. After the opening, a page will appear, which will open on different type tabs. From that you select hosting.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

After that you click on hosting. After clicking, a page will appear in your hosting, you can choose the hosting you want from it. I am choosing WordPress Hosting here, on the basis of this I will tell how to buy hosting.

Step 2:

When you click on WordPress hosting, a page will open.
On that page, you will be given the plan of WordPress hosting. You can choose what you want.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

If you are new, then I will recommend that you choose its basic plan because this is a good and cheap plan for new bloggers. You choose a plan for a year or a year because if you choose a year plan, you will get a domain name in free with hosting. You do not have to buy a domain name from anything else. Godaddy offers you hosting in RS.1100 for one year. I have chosen a year plan for this, which will get me the free domain name.

step 3:

After selecting your plan, you can click on the configure button.
After clicking, you will open a page, which will tell you to buy malware scanning and SSL certificate.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

If you are new then you can make it an ignore or if you are building e-commerce website then use it only. After this you click continue.

Step 4:

After clicking on the continue button, a page will open. This page will tell you to take that free domain name. You have to fill in your domain name here and add to cart.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

step 5:

When you add to cart then you will have another page open. In this page you will give a list of Godaddy some free and some paid things.

I would recommend that you remove all the things that you have. From here you can choose the hosting plan time. In this you must have given one year to ten-year hosting plan to choose, you can choose what you want.

I will recommend that you choose only one year. Because there is some less feature in it. It is just for new bloggers. If you are new then choose Basic Plan. Choose another custom plan. After choosing your plan, you can click on the button "Give it to check out".

step 6:

After clicking on the proceed to check out, you will have another page open. In which you have to log in your GoDaddy account. If you have an account for Godaddy, then log it in. If not, then click on the new customer then.

Step 7:

After you have these people, a payment page will open up to you.

How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy Just 5 Minit

In which you have given that different type of payment method. You can do the type of payment you want to make. Your WordPress Hosting will be purchased as soon as you will complete the Payment Method. After this, you can install WordPress and after installing it you can manage your blog.

Friends I hope you understand to How To Buy Web Hosting In Godaddy 

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