12 Tips For Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog

Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog - Hello, Friend's In this article of today, we are going to talk about 12 Tips For Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog or what type of Domain Name should we buy.
12 Tips For Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog
12 Tips For Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog

Finding Good Domain Name For Blog

Friends, As you all know, to create a Responsive and Attractive Website, you must first have a Custom Domain because Ranking on Custom Engine becomes a bit easier and our website is also a Trusted Website It seems.

With the help of people who trust your website and visit your website, along with taking the Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog you can also get other benefits such as Event Blog, Sponsor, Custom Domain etc.

Therefore, you must take Find Good Domain Name For Your Blog, now let's talk about what things you have to before deciding on a Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog.

12 Tips For Finding Good Domain Name For Your Blog

01 - Small Domain Name

The most typical thing in the Custom Domain is that you can register at least the domain of words. By simply purchasing a domain that represents only your Topic or Company, you can make your Keyword more robust and take advantage of it.

Simultaneously, Small Domain Name also has two benefits-

Easy To Make Permalink: Your Permalink, Your Article (Blog Post) URL can also be shortened due to a small domain name. According to Search Engine Algorithm, the URL of Blog Post should be small so if your domain name is small then you can create a small permalink.

Make Sense: All of you must have heard One Word Sentence in which sentence is made from any one word, such words always keep a Sentence inside of itself, which gives a better meaning.

Now the best advantage of such sentence is that they have a meaning because of this they quickly become popular and remember-able.

This way you can easily make your website popular by purchasing a small domain.

02 - Easy to Remember

While doing Domain Name Purchase, very few people take care of this, but this is very important because if you make a name for your name that is a bit difficult to remember then people will remember your domain. Can not keep it so that it does not even reach your website at the time of need.

Just as we remember the short word or straight word spelling in English, any visitor has no problem remembering the correct domain name.

03- Domain Name Extension

Now Talk Domain Name Extension Here are two things together Matter Just like where you want to rank your website and what other types of website you want to create.

For example: If you want to create a blog for Daily Blogging then com or .org are better for you.

Similarly, if you want to rank your blog in any one country, like in India, the .in or .co.in extension can be very good for you.

Now, do you know why most people use the .com extension? Normally people who do not know about things like blogging or earning from the website, always assume that .com are used to open a website on the Internet.

That's why he always uses the website name and .com extension to open it after knowing the name of any website. Because of this, most people prefer to buy .com extension only.

05- Do not Use Hyphens and Numbers

Using Hyphens and Numbers inside the Domain Name, most of the losses are in keeping in mind that domain because if you were to Purchase your Domain, you would write a number or Hyphens.

Most people are not able to open your website while they open, due to which another website opens from that domain. You can also understand this in such a way that you do it by working hard on your website and giving it to another person.

Along with this, Hyphens and Numbers also rank down your website in Search Ranking so why not use Hyphens and Numbers at your domain at all.

06- Try to Use Different Words

When you do something different then people quickly notice it and if you do normal work like all people then people do not have any reason why they visit your website.

So if you write different Words in your domain, then people make you notice very quickly and always visit your website.

07 - Easy to Speak & Learn

The name of the domain should be such that it is very easy to speak and is remembered instantly because sometimes you see a name written in your domain which is a bit difficult to talk to, people do not remember it quickly In such a situation, you can not make your website as popular.

If you look at any popular Blogger or YouTuber, the name of his blog or Channel is always so simple that anyone can easily speak to him so that he remembers them immediately.

08- Make Your Domain Name and Website Title

Now, this is the most common thing because you always keep the domain that is the name of your website, or you have the same name as your website, just like the Domain Name.

Many times new Blogger makes a mistake that their domain name's address is something and the name of the website is something that, when people visit your website, they often see your logo instead of the domain name, If you have to open your website, then they enter the name as seen in the logo.

So that they do not get your website, by doing so you lose Targeted Traffic from your website, so always keep the Domain Name and Website Name Same.

09- Legal Issues

First of all, let us tell you that there are no early legal issues in buying Domain Name but still you should pay attention to some of the essential things such as Purchase Related Domain Name from any World Celebrity, Company, Brand or Logo of any Company.

Because they are all legal Ten-dent, they require you to buy that domain when you need it, and you can get good money, but some people do not do it, but they make a case against you.

Because of which you can get into trouble, do not do this because sometimes people do so to earn more money and in return, they get only Problems.

10- Take Your Time
Purchasing a Domain Name, making it a website and then making it popular. All these things take a lot of time, in this case, you should think well before thinking about domain purchasing because it is okay to take a little time but in the wrong way After buying the domain, it is absolutely not right.

11. Easy to type

Always select your Domain Name correctly
As an example, if you want to take Domain + You take domainyou, domainu. Second example- If you want to take Express name then never take xpress name, it goes wrong during writing.

12. Use the Name Tool

I am going to tell a website whose help you will be able to choose a good domain name.

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