What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO?

What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO? - Friends today this post What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO By telling you about backlinks to people.

What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO
What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO

What are backlinks and how to make high-quality backlinks for a blog?

Because if you have written a great article, and according to the On-Page SEO, you have a right one.

Then your post will rank in the search engine but the possibility of coming to the first page will be very less.

On-page SEO, this is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization.

Today I will give you full information about the backlinks to people through this post. What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO? So let's start.

What Are Backlinks?

If you are a website or owner of BLOG, and you want them to be a website or blog success, then it is important that the blog or website has more or less of the Organic Traffic.

Now you might be wondering what is this Organic Traffic?

 I tell you that the traffic that came from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, like any search engine on your website is called Organic Traffic.

Unless more traffic comes from your search engine on your website or blog then your blog or website will not be successful.

Actually, what is backlinks? In response to this question, I would say that this is a type of link on your website, which is on any other website or blog.

By which a visitor clicks on the website or blog of Blog, then comes to your website or blog. 

For example - Suppose a blog is abc.com, and your blog is xyz.com.

That website is abc.com link to your website xyz.com.

Now a visitor arrives at abc.com and clicking on your link xyz.com, it comes to your website or blog. 

That is, the backlinks are the links through which the visitor comes to your website from other websites.

How many types of backlinks

You must have understood well that what are backlinks, I will now tell the people how many types of backlinks.

So you can know which type of backlinks you are receiving on the website.

1- Do Follow Links

 If a website gives us a follow link, then the search engine is indexed to that link.

Use the rel = "dofollow" tag for Do Follow Link.

Do follow link A Link Juice passes. This type of Backlink link is much better for SEO if the website's Domain Authority is high.

2- No Follow Links-

If a website gives us a follow link, then the search engine index does not link to that link.

For the No Follow Link, we use rel = "nofollow" tag.

Because if a website gives Backlinks of the No Follow Link type to your blog,

So do not read the bots of the search engine. This does not have any special advantage in SEO.

3- Internal Link-

When we link a post on our blog to another post in the same blog itself, it is known as an internal link.

4- External Link-

If we will link any of our other websites like google, facebook, youtube or any other website to any of our blogs, then it will be called external link.

5- High-Quality Link-

If there is a website or blog whose domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) is quite high,

If you get a backlink for your blog from that website or blog, it is a great thing for SEO.

This helps to increase your blog's domain authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA) of your post.

6- Low-Quality Link-

If your website comes to your website from a porn, or an Adult website or any other similar type of website.

So this type of backlinks is not a good thing for SEO for your website. This can reduce your page ranking. Or the search engine can even penalize you.

What is Link Juice in Backlink?

Backlinks are therefore essential for SEO because the page ranking also increases with search traffic from backlinks in search engines.

That brings organic traffic to your website or blog.

Due to organic traffic, the income of your website also increases.

1- to Improve Search Ranking

If your website or blog has got Do-follow Backlinks from any other website.

So when someone searches for that website, your website will also show in that search result.

Which means the search engine will rank your website higher.

The domain authority of your blog will also increase so that you will get a longer-term benefit.

Along with this, organic traffic for your website will also increase.

2- Referral traffic by backlinks

When a website or blog gives you backlinks.

Then you have a link on that website or blog, which lets some visitor click on that link and goes to your blog directly.

Which is called referral traffic.

This type of traffic is highly preferred by the search engine, which can make your blog rank high.

To get this type of traffic you have to comment on other blogs,

Guest posts are written so that there are backlinks from there and you can get referral traffic from those blogs.

The higher the referral traffic, the lower your website's bounce rate.

In fact, the bounce rate is the percentage of the number of visitors coming to your website, leaving your article in the middle or gone without reading.

 3- Indexing in Search Engine

If you have a high-quality article and not a backlink, then that article may take a few hours to index in the search engine.

But if you have enough backlinks on the blog then your article will be indexed in a few minutes.

That's why everyone pays special attention to backlinks in SEO.

Because at the time of the search engine indexing, it also sees what visitor coming from on other blogs on this blog or blog post.

Backlinks Factor also takes into account while indexing.

Now we are telling you how to create backlinks.

How To Build Backlinks For Blogs

To make backlinks, you have to focus on three points because these four ways are more effective.

Through which you can get High-Quality Backlinks.

It has been specifically seen that the quality of the backlinks replaces the quality.

Therefore, you should always focus on creating High-Quality Backlinks.

  • Quality and Unique Article
  • Comment on other Blog
  • Directory Submission
  • Guest Post

1- Quality and Unique Article -

Whenever you write an article, then it should be completely unique and it should be considered in the best possible way before writing any article.

Then you must consider the matter of how to give it, and how many words that article will be there.

Well, the article of 900+ words is considered better for SEO at this time.

2- Comment on other Blog-

 Online There is many such tools with the help of which you can search what blog or website do follow link.

By addressing such blogs, you comment on them. Make a rule that you will comment on the blog per day 10 or 15.

The advantage of commenting is that you will become your relation with other blog owners and they may also tell you some ways to improve your blog.

With commenting, traffic also increases with ranking in search engine.

3- Directory Submission -

 You can also get backlinks by submitting your blog to a web directory.

There is a slight problem in how to find out the legal web directory. But if the person gets resolved then nothing is impossible.

Never use automatic directory submission.

4- Guest Post -

You can get backlinks of high quality for your blog by writing an article on any other blog you meet with the topic of your blog.

It is a very effective solution in today's time.

blog par quality Precautions when creating backlinks

1- Never make backlinks on porn, adult, and spam, type of harvesting type, otherwise the profit will be lost.

2- Do not use any automatic tool to create backlinks. Otherwise, the search engine will remove your website or blog from its results page.
Which will never show your blog in a search result.

3- The site you are seeking backlinks from. Make sure to check its domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA).

So that we can get high-quality backlinks.


Friends In this post, I have tried to tell the people in a lot of detail that What Are Backlinks And Why It Important To SEO?

Along with this, you have also tried to tell how people can create high-quality backlinks for their blogs.

When making backlinks, it is important to keep in mind what points. Do not face the displeasure of the search engine.

Follow these given dates and make a different place in Google's top ranking.

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